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Leading manufacturers of smartphones with Android assure that they do not practice slowing down devices when the battery is worn

After Apple admitted that it deliberately slows down some iPhone, the question involuntarily arose: is not this practice common among other manufacturers from the camp Android. Now we have an answer to this question in the form of official statements of the leading manufacturers of Android-smartphones. All of them swear they do not practice such a …

The YouTube app for iOS has learned to play vertical video without black bars 2 years after this feature appeared on Android

There are two types of people – those who are nervous about the vertical video and those who do not care in what orientation watch the videos in Youtube. However, even the second group of users is able to make a situation when vertical video is played on a vertically held smartphone with black stripes on …

Google Play "Best of 2017": ranking of the best apps, games, movies, TV shows, songs and books in the content store for Android smartphones

Google has published a traditional compilation of the best apps, games, movies, TV shows, songs and books that can be purchased or downloaded free of charge in the Google Play store "Best of 2017". As a result, the most popular application in the US was the photo editor Photo Editor – Beauty Camera & Photo Filters, …

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