Ukravtoprom: In 2017, 2225 electric vehicles were brought to Ukraine, which is 227% more than a year ago

According to the association "Ukrautoprom" for ten months of this year in Ukraine, 2225 electric cars were sold (according to other data more – about 2400 pieces). Thus, in comparison with the same period of the last year, the demand for electric cars increased by 227%.

In Ukraine for the first time, mostly used specimens are registered – in the current year such electric vehicles were 86%, although a year ago their share in the sales structure was doubled less (42%).

Most often electric cars were purchased by residents of Kiev – from January to October this year, residents of the capital purchased 528 models on electric traction. In second place Kharkiv region, a residence permit in which were immediately 406 eco-friendly cars. The Odessa Region closes the top three in terms of the number of electric vehicles registered this year, where 405 such models were purchased.

Note that the most popular electric car in Ukraine still remains Nissan Leaf, which was chosen in 83% of cases (1855 of 2225). Next on popularity among the Ukrainians became models BMW i3 (79 pcs), Tesla Model S (56 pcs), Ford Focus (54 pcs) and Fiat 500 (30 pcs.).

Recall that according to Bloomberg data in the third quarter of this year the world sold 287,000 electric vehicles, which is 63% higher than the results for the same quarter last year and 23% higher than a quarter ago, with more than half of the sold electric models fell to China. According to analysts' forecasts, according to the results of 2017, world sales of electric vehicles will exceed the mark of 1 million for the first time.

Source: Ukrautoprom

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