Next year, public testing of Easy Ride service for unmanned taxis based on electric vehicles Nissan Leaf starts in Japan

Nissan and DeNA announced the launch of a public test of the Easy Ride service for unmanned taxis based on Nissan Leaf electric vehicles equipped with everything necessary for autonomous movement . Tests involving ordinary users will be held in the central area of ​​Minato-Miray, Japan's Yokohama city from March 5 to 18, 2018, applications for participation are accepted from today.

Nissan and DeNA jointly develop a new service since January 2017, with the automaker providing a modern electric car with the technologies of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and DeNA – technological solutions related to autonomous driving, connected cars and artificial intelligence.

Easy Ride service involves the use of mobile o An application that will allow you to fully control the process of calling and moving in an unmanned "robotic vehicle", starting with the route definition and ending with the payment for the trip. The same application, if necessary, will be able to recommend to tourists the most popular local attractions and sightseeing routes.

During testing, the engineer of the company will be behind the wheel of the "robotic" Nissan Leaf, in addition to each car will be monitored by a remote security system that, if necessary, will intervene on a trip to avoid the emergence of emergency and other abnormal situations.

Source: Nissan

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