In China, officially allowed to test unmanned vehicles on public roads

The Chinese authorities officially opened their public roads for testing unmanned vehicles. The relevant statement was published by the Beijing Municipal Transport Commission, noting that "on certain roads and subject to certain conditions," companies registered in China will be able to freely test their autonomous cars.

The new rules imply that automakers will be able to obtain a temporary permission to test unmanned vehicles on roads, the list of which is still approved. At the same time, such cars must necessarily have civil liability insurance for road accidents, and a test driver must be at the wheel who can take control of himself in case of an unforeseen situation.

Note that last year in China the use of unmanned vehicles was banned until new rules for their operation are developed. At the same time, the head of Baidu Robin Lee, who demonstrated the capabilities of his system of autonomous piloting, moving around the city in the place of the front passenger, got under the sight of the Chinese police.

Let's remind that this summer Baidu announced the conclusion of a partnership agreement with more than 50 companies from automotive and high-tech segments, including such large ones as Ford, Daimler, NVIDIA, Intel, Microsoft, Velodyne. Baidu needed such a strong team to speed up the creation of the Apollo self-managed car platform, which she wants to make an Android analog for unmanned vehicles.

Source: Engadget

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