In the world of beauty and fashion, trends come and go – but the best of them return, acquiring an interesting modern embodiment. Happiness, that the shoulder pads of the 80s, along with the horrible masculine hairstyles, remained where they belonged – in the past. History, however, has the property of repeating itself, and certain images appear again in the world of beauty. Look at the popular images in the 90s that returned to us today.


Glitter and bronze
The glitter of the 90’s was not enough for us, and, obviously, is still lacking. Grunge comes back with a glamor: more and more manufacturers of decorative cosmetics use sparkles, bronze and metallic shades to create lipstick simulating images from the catwalks.

“In the autumn Fashion Week, the glistening lips were just everywhere,” said Mindy Green, a make-up artist and owner of a beauty salon. “The most fashionable shade today is a gray metallic, very reminiscent of the popular steel in the 90’s with a bluish tint, although it was more silver then.” Is there a temptation to try it on yourself? Experiment with the lipstick Studded Kiss from Cat Won Dee.


Overflowing makeup
Return to the fashion of iridescent make-up, also called “unicorn” make-up due to the use of countless highlights, is truly epic. “These radiant flashes on the face, eyes and lips still have some special charm,” says Green.

For example: among the products of the brand Too Faced there is a lipstick with the name “Tears of the unicorn”, which flies away like hot cakes, and a recent novelty for creating shimmering overflows – highlights “Light of Love”. It seems that the magical mythical creatures were embodied in a sparkling pink-purple make-up and captured the whole world.


Sexy tousled hair
For returning to the center of attention of this magnificent hairdo, you need to thank the models from the company Victoria’s Secret. Unlike the curls and teasing hairstyles of the 80’s, in the 90’s, luxurious shiny waves became popular, for the creation of which large curlers were used. “This is a very sexy image that will never lose its popularity. To his revival we owe to such stars as Katy Perry and Selena Gomez, “Green explains. It does not matter if this image has returned or has never left us, one thing is clear: lush sexy curls will always be in vogue.


Although the necklace is an accessory from the fashion world, it can also be referred to beauty trends. “In the 90’s, the necklace was a jewelry piece made in the form of a tattoo or a spiked ring, and it was worn by its followers of grunge and Gothic style,” says Greene. But now everything has changed. Now the necklace is a part of the world of beauty and is meant to complement the makeup and hairstyle that can be seen with such celebrities as Rihanna and Kendall Jenner. The best news in all this – now the necklace can be worn by people of any age, and not just adolescents, so that the beauty guru is calling on everyone to try this image on themselves.


Notable lip liner
Thanks to Pamela Anderson and Madonna, this image was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Now the Kardashian team made him even more cocky. “It’s the eyeliner that creates a fashionable overflow effect on the lips from light to dark,” Green says. – If you choose a slightly darker eyeliner than the lipstick or shine that you use, circle the contour of the lips from the outer edge to the inner edge. ” To give the image a finish, neatly shade the rough lines without smearing the outline.


Matt Eye Shadow
Anyone who in the 90s was at least a teenager, probably remembers the matte tone in make-up and hairstyles (take at least the discolored ends of Justin Timberlake’s hair). Fortunately, matte tones come back in style with great grace. “Thanks to the very fine structure of the new dyes, modern matte shadows lie much softer than the more granular shadows of the 90’s,” says Michelle Spiller, a Hollywood make-up artist. “Besides, in the 90s we did not recommend matte shadows to mature women, but now they can also use them.”

The best thing in matte shadows is that they can be applied to the eyelid, to the inner corner of the eye, and even under the eyebrows.


Shine for the body
There is something in the gloss and sparkle that prevents them from fading. “The increasing popularity of body sprays with a sparkling effect is associated with the popularity of the Bath & Body Works brand, which creates products through which women can emphasize the beauty of their feet in miniskirts or shorts,” Green says. In the beauty industry, the tendency to emphasize and attach clear contours is gaining in popularity, so that both women and men use a variety of means with brilliance.


Boho style returned to the beauty industry. “In the 90s, the most notable stars who preferred pigtails in the hairstyle were Janet Jackson in the film Poetic Justice and fashion trendsetter Gwen Stefani of No Doubt,” Green says. – In 2017 this style is very popular at such music festivals as Coachella, it can be seen at many famous artists, for example, at Beyoncé. ” If your usual choice is a conservative knot or a ponytail, pigtails will be able to add pepper to your image.


Volumetric hairstyles
The opening of the styling parlors – establishments that do not do anything except laying their hair for at least 20 dollars – such as DryBar or Blo – proves that professional hair styling is again in vogue. “Before, voluminous hairstyles were popular mainly in large cities, but now such salons open everywhere,” says Spiler. And thanks to YouTube, you can learn how to make the styling yourself.


Lip makeup in the style of Nude
Style Nude – one of the most widely used in make-up. Although the peak of his popularity fell on the 90s (someone, perhaps even remembers how he painted his lips with a facial consoner, trying to achieve the same tone with the skin), completely this trend has never disappeared. Owners of fair skin, perhaps, will not dare to try on this image, and will be right – much better it looks on the skin tan color or a little darker.