Forbes magazine revealed the list of the highest paid actors of the planet. These hard-working people are able to earn such amounts that anyone will be enviable.

In this top, the names that one would expect – Robert Downey Jr. in first place, Tom Cruise and Bradley Cooper attack him on the heels (with a “small difference” of $ 39,608,000). And then there is a couple of interesting facts. For example, Adam Sandler, who can be called the most boring of them, receives about $ 41,528,200. In what unfair world do we still live …

Two days later, Forbes published the same list, only with female names. All right, the 10 most highly paid actresses , the richest women on the planet, you can only dream about. Perhaps no one will be surprised by the fact that the lady in the first place gets twice less than her husband, and this leads to the idea of ​​sexism pursuing Hollywood. Although, there is a person who will say that they are all paid too much there.

As with the list of male actors, the current list will be drawn up in ascending order of the amounts received for the year by actresses and find out who really deserves fat checks, and to whom just luck turned out to be the right place. Most of them are known, but there are names that can plunge into shock.

10. ANNE HATHAWAY ($ 11,816,200)

Ann Hataway
There is something tedious in this actress, which makes her somehow interesting; even if in real life it is simply unbearable.

Even those who labeled her as “annoying” never doubted her talent. Indeed, the star of such films as “The Dark Knight: The Renaissance of the Legend”, “Les Miserables” and “Rachel Getting Married ” is one of the best actresses of this generation.

The role in the fantastic film ” Interstellar ” added a lot of money to her purse. Despite the moments when it is simply unbearable, it is difficult to name another such actress of her age, who was so enthusiastic, talented and beautiful.

9. KRISTEN STEWART ($ 11,865,200)

Kristen Stewart
Now, Kristen put the poles in the wheels. No one perceives her as a serious actress, because she, and remained “a girl from the movie Twilight ” and changed Robert Pattinson with the director of the movie Snow White and the hunter (and people do not like when the stars do this).

She recently proved her outstanding acting ability to a role that was no worse than Bella Swan. In February, she became the first American actress to receive the prestigious Caesar Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film Sils-Maria . She is in the top 10 most sexy actresses in Hollywood .

Stewart improves, and she is sure she will do many great things, if, of course, she will sharpen her acting skills in the next years. And do not forget, of course, that she is on the 10th place among the most well paid actresses around the globe.

8. ANGELINA JOLIE ($ 14,787,700)

Angelina Jolie
Once Jolie was considered the most desired woman on the planet, and there is a reason why now people do not hold this opinion – Jolie is no longer a sex symbol of humanity . Quite frankly, this is because it no longer appears in high-quality films, and instead chose a director’s career.

During her career, she managed to prove that she is an excellent and very talented actress. Her best roles since the beginning of the actor’s way (for example, ” Interrupted Life”, “Gia” ), but you can not ignore the recent character of the Malifissent – a real manifestation of strength (apparently this is the reason why she received 984,316,500 rubles for the role ).

Pay attention to 10 unknown facts about Angelina Jolie . The fact remains. Jolie is a very gifted and experienced actress, and she evolves with each passing year more and more. There is no doubt that the next films will be good, even if it will stand on the other side of the camera.

7. REESE WITHERSPOON ($ 14,831,500)

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon was considered the best actress of her generation and it would be right to say that her career failed after receiving an Oscar for her role in the film ” Cross the Line “. But this does not mean that she is not able to demonstrate incomparable charisma, if a suitable role appears.

The most recent hit actress film ” Wild ” was criticized. Do not forget that she tried herself and as a producer and her published film ” Disappeared ” collected about $ 380,537,000. Reese can be found in the ranking of the 10 most sexy, famous and rich mothers .


Julia Roberts
Julia is not as relevant as before, when she was one of the best actresses in Hollywood. The nineties prove how wonderful she is an actress. Perhaps you are interested in the article 10 celebrities with the most beautiful smiles.

She starred in stunning films such as ” Pretty Woman”, “Captain Hook”, “Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Notting Hill“, and her best role, of course, is in Stephen Soderbergh’s ” Erin Brockovich, ” which proved, that Roberts earned an Oscar.

5. JENNIFER ANISTON ($ 16,266,500)

Jennifer Aniston
Aniston is one of the favorites of the audience, and nothing can be done about it. When she began to play Rachel Greene in the popular, still best “Friends” series, she ensured herself a fame for life and is still culturally relevant. But even as an actress, she does not get everything she deserves.

Now it’s not about the most serious roles, as, for example, in the movie ” Cake “, which was awarded the Oscar. It’s about comic works that have remained almost as popular as a few years ago. The actress’s sense of comic time is flawless. You can find an actress among Hollywood’s 20 sexiest legs .

4. FAN BINGBIN ($ 20,764,100)

Fan Bingbin
There is a high probability that you are familiar with her work in such films as X-Men: Days of the past or a couple of very well-known and criticized Chinese films. Fan is very fond of China for its versatility. She tried a lot of things: be a model, sing, and act in films.

If in America its films do not make so much noise, at least in China it is a great success and the compatriots go to the cinema to see what’s new she came up with.

3. MELISSA MCCARTHY ($ 22,741,600)

Melissa McCarthy
Everyone knows her, thanks to the movie The Bachelorette party in Vegas , and a bunch of other medium-sized comedies – and everyone started to wonder why Hollywood argues so much about her. This year saw the release of the movie Spy , which gave the actress the best role, and just in time, gave the feeling that she was about to become something like a cash poison.

Melissa McCarthy is a good actress, and she can show off her skills. If you compare with Adam Sandler (who was placed on the last place among the actors), she’s just Meryl Streep! The problem is that it is a bit unbearable when playing the wrong role. In this case, it just loses its zest.

2. SCARLETT JOHANSSON ($ 35,124,300)

Scarlett Johansson
None of the Hollywood stars built such an interesting, diverse and daring career as Scarlett did, an actress who was able to find the absolute balance between conventional films and indie films.

The last 7 pictures in which she was shot:

  • “The Passion of Don Juan,
  • “Stay in my shoes,
  • “She is”,
  • “The First Avenger: Another War,
  • “Cook on Wheels”,
  • “Lucy”,
  • The Avengers 2.

These films prove her ability to cope with pictures for the general mass (to remain a universal favorite) and with films for a special audience, such as ” Stay in my shoes “, which do not affect the overall popularity at all. Next are interesting and insane topics, like ” Lucy, ” which inspire Johansson to be simply not a pretentious person who enjoyed the process of filming.

These kinds of films create a certain balance in their careers and allow them to be shot in pictures created for ” subtle taste “. Despite the fact that it is not in the first place, it still remains the best.

1. JENNIFER LAWRENCE ($ 51,449,600)

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer takes first place in the list of the world’s highest paid actresses! She has such a salary that she did not even dream about most people, and she gets even more than the leader in the men’s top – Tom Cruise (thanks to the role of the steep Katniss Everdin from the franchise ” Hunger Games “, in connection with which her condition has significantly increased).

Lawrence is completely absorbed in any film in which it is removed, and is able to transfer well both dramatic heights, and huge comic sensitivity. In general, this girl has everything and rarely happens so that she does not own a full screen. There is something in it that makes it watchable – you can not do anything with yourself and want to become her best friend.

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