Last quarter, miners bought 1.7 million video cards, and AMD reduced the gap with NVIDIA

Analyst company Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has prepared a fresh report that allows to judge the sales of GPUs in the last quarter. Now you can see what percentage of sales fell on the earners of crypto-currencies, and this is what most people are interested in more than the rest.

So, JPR analysts note that the miners continue to influence the alignment of forces in the GPU market, but their influence is weakening. So, if last year the miners purchased more than 3 million video cards for the amount of about $ 776 million, then for the first three months of this year, according to JPR calculations, 1,7 million adapters were sold. In this regard, JPR predict that prices will soon return to normal levels.

In general, the GPU market in annual terms showed growth of 3.4% – up to 24 million units, but in the quarterly terms " dropped down by 10%.

As JPR takes into account discrete and integrated GPUs (excluding mobile GPUs), Intel continues to be the undisputed leader, accounting for 66.6% of deliveries in the quarter. The share of NVIDIA is 18.4%, AMD – 14.9%. By the way, only AMD managed to improve its positions, a year ago it occupied 13.1% of the market. The share of Intel a year ago was 71.1%, and NVIDIA – the same 15.8%.

If you look at the segment of segments, then the supply of discrete GPUs in annual terms increased by as much as 66.4% , in the quarterly growth was 6.4%. Last quarter, discrete GPUs were in the configuration of 39.11% of all PCs, which is 2.23% more than a year ago. At the same time, there was a decline in the mobile segment, both in annual (-7.6%) and quarterly terms (-13.2%).

Source: Jon Peddie Research [19659008]

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