GPU graphics card NVIDIA new generation in size will be almost a half times the size of its predecessor

The release of the new generation of NVIDIA video graphics cards is certainly one of the most anticipated events of this year. This announcement, as we know, was fairly delayed, but recently the flow of corresponding leaks is increasing, which clearly indicates the approach of this event. Yesterday, a photo (title) of the prototype of the printed circuit board of a new NVIDIA graphics card equipped with GDDR6 memory chips was put on the network. The TechPowerUp resource used the leak to calculate the approximate area of ​​the new GPU crystal.

As a starting point, the source took the memory chips manufactured by Micron on the board. It is known that these chips, which appeared in the assortment only this week, are characterized by the dimensions of 12×14 mm. Starting from this, TechPowerUp journalists were able to calculate the approximate dimensions of the GPU package – 48.5×48.5 mm, which corresponds to an area of ​​2352 mm 2 .

The dimensions of the same crystal are 26×26 mm (the size of the inner area with a large number contacts), that is, the area is 676 mm 2 . This is a large enough GPU, if you compare it with the crystals of the current GPU manufacturers: GV100 (815 mm², Titan V), GP100 (610 mm², Quadro GP100), GP102 (471 mm², GTX 1080 Ti), GP104 (314 mm², GTX 1080 ) and GP106 (200 mm², GTX 1060).

Based on this comparison and the fact that the GV100 exceeds the GP100 by about 33% over the crystal area, the source suggests that this circuit board is designed for the successor GPU GP102 – GT102 or GV102 (Volta or Turing) That is, the new GPU will be approximately one and a half times larger than the GP102.

We all know that NVIDIA traditionally produces the most producer at least in the end, so this assumption seems quite reasonable.

Source: TechPowerup

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