Deepcool GENOME II: housing with a drop of water on board

The decision to take part in the same PC Master Race puts a lot of special demands on the gaming computer. The system should not only be powerful and functional, but also attractive, otherwise it will not be easy to collect Laika in Instagram. In the course there is everything: LED-backlight, liquid cooling, modding elements. But if there is no desire to select components for a long time by trial and error, it's easier to use the ready-made solution. One of these options is the case of Deepcool GENOME II with the "factory" liquid cooling system CAPTAIN GENOME, capable of easily cooling almost all modern processors.

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Design and specifications model

Deepcool GENOME II refers to midi tower solutions, and supports the installation of full-size ATX motherboards, and the E-ATX format with the maximum dimensions of the motherboard 305x275mm is provided. Body materials – ABS plastic and painted stainless steel 0.8 mm thick.

On the left side panel there is a large transparent window insert, in the upper left corner there is a button for turning on the backlight. The large size of the glass window makes it easy to see everything that will be mounted inside the case. The right panel is solid 0.8mm metal.

A removable dust filter is located at the bottom, at the place of attachment of the power supply. The unnatural curvature of the filter frame is most likely a small one-off defect.

The top of the plastic case, under the "scales" is the radiator of the DeepCool Captain Genome. Before removing the top panel of the case, it is first necessary to remove the front panel, which holds it from above. Although she wants to shoot only avid modders. There are two USB 3.0 ports and audio connectors on the right, and the power and reset buttons on the left.

The front has no compartment for external drives, but there is a decorative spiral flask (resembling a DNA spiral) and gives the name of the hull. This decision is controversial – you can not install a 3.5 "card reader or an old-school optical drive.

But the coolant circulates through the spiral, which looks very interesting.

There are seven plugs of expansion slots behind the horizontal two more slots – for installing the video card in a vertical position.

The components inside the case are fixed in a traditional way – with screws: do not forget to charge your screwdriver!

The case is presented in several colors: in black with asnoy or green light, in white with blue backlighting. The intensity of the glow is average.

A flask with a liquid circulating in it somehow immediately evokes associations with secret laboratories and bold experiments. The tank divides the hull into two parts. The corners of the front and top panels look spectacular and completely eliminate the perception of the case as a "box for components."

Design Features

The DeepCool GENOME II case allows unhindered installation of any PS2-compatible power supply, even longer. The PSU is mounted on four rubberized supports, after which it is easily fixed with screws. The design of the casing provides for wiring from the back of the plate to which the motherboard is attached. In this case, you should use a power supply with flat cables, for example, the Deepcool DQ750ST.

The chassis supports the installation of two 33 cm video cards – this requires removing the plug on the front panel. It is also possible to install a card up to 29 cm in vertical position – the corresponding PCI-E cable is provided in the package.

Up to four disk drives are installed in the chassis. Two 3.5-inch hard drives are mounted in a removable basket in the front of the case. Two more 2.5-inch form factor drives are attached to the seats on the back of the plate on which the motherboard is mounted.

The grilles behind the front and top panels act as dust filters.

The chassis is equipped with four fans: one 120 mm on the rear panel (without backlight), and three with automatic speed control, refer to the liquid cooling system.

Scope of delivery and accessories

The Deepcool GENOME II package is supplied as standard,

A brief user guide, a set of screws for fastening the drives, a dozen plastic ties, a velcro for cable laying.

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A small bonus is a sticker with the GamerStorm logo gaming products Deepcool, targeted at the most demanding users. There is also a metal mounting for the CPU water block

The kit includes a special fan control hub that is attached to a double-sided tape inside the case.

A small tube with proprietary thermo-paste , as well as a removable speaker.

Cooling system

The manufacturer's liquid cooling system DeepCool CAPTAIN GENOME has a dimensions of 360x120mm, and is equipped with three quiet coolers with a white "breathable" non-switchable backlight. The speed of rotation of PWM-controlled coolers varies from 500 to 1800 revolutions per minute.

The cooling system installed in Deepcool GENOME II is classified as unattended. This means that it is not necessary to fill the liquid, fiddle with the connection of the water block and the pump. Such a solution is preferable for computer enthusiasts who are interested in the final result, but in no way the process of coming up with the FFS.

In general, the use of such cooling creates less noise than in the case of air cooling systems.


The Deepcool GENOME II enclosure is a functional chassis for assembling a stylish and powerful gaming computer with a liquid cooling system. At the same time its cost is slightly lower or commensurate with the purchase of a separate "dropsy" and the hull itself.

Of the features, it is worth noting a minimum of seats for drives. Also, the case of Deepcool GENOME II BK-RD is not suitable for a stand, in which something is constantly changing – the absence of a screwless assembly does not have such an assembly. An additional advantage of the chassis is the official warranty from the supplier – 3 years.

Technical specifications

 Deepcool GENOME II: housing with "dropsy" on board "style =" float: left; margin-right: 15px;

Deepcool Genome II BK-RD

6 307 – 6 929 uah

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The form factor of the motherboard The ATX / micro ATX / mini-ITX
The size Midi-Tower
The purpose of the game
Power BP, W – [19659052] PSU (motherboard power supply) no data
Location bottom
Number of 5.25 "compartments
The number of 3.5" external compartments
Number of 3.5 "internal compartments 2
Number of 2.5" compartments 2
Number of expansion slots 7
Built-in fans / location 1x120mm / rear
Places for additional fans / location 1x200mm / 2×120 mm / / on the front panel
Dimensions, mm 506x210x505
Weight, kg 9.77
Front panel material steel + plastic
Side panel material steel [19659052] Material of the chassis steel
Curtains / door (lockable compartments) no data
Thickness of the metal chassis, mm 0,8
Screwless fastening no data
Opening mechanism the side wall is removed
The color of the front panel black + red spiral
The color of the case black
The window for mounting the cooler CPU no data
Removable baskets for HDD [19659051] +
Cable management system +
The possibility of installing long graphics cards up to 330mm
Holes for HVAC + (already mounted)
Transparent side panels + [19659052] eSATA
Headphone output +
Microphone in and out for the microphone [19659051]
The availability of the LCD screen
The indicators no data
The card reader
Features Pre-installed water cooling system with 360-mm radiator and double tank spiral. Decorated with a spiral red color transparent water tank with LED-backlight in white in front of the case

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