Became known characteristics and prices of SSD Intel 760p and 660p form factor M.2

Even before the official announcement on the site of one of the retail networks, there appeared information about the technical characteristics and prices of solid-state drives Intel 760p and 660p. These devices are made in the M.2 form factor.

The Intel 760p SSD is manufactured using NLC flash chips TLC (triple-level-cell) based on Intel 3D NAND technology. The device is capable of reaching a maximum data reading speed of up to 3200 MB / s and a maximum write speed of up to 1600 MB / s. The number of I / O operations per second for random read operations is stated at 350K, and for random write operations 280K. The drive is available in the form of models with a capacity of 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB, The prices for them are $ 96, $ 120, $ 240, $ 448 and $ 893, respectively.

The Intel 660p version is a more affordable solution. In this case, the flash memory QLC (quad-level-cell) NAND based on the same technology Intel 3D NAND. The speed indicators were significantly lower than those of the 760p version. The maximum read speed is 1800 MB / s, the maximum write speed is 1200 MB / s. The number of random I / O operations per second is 150,000 for both read and write operations. The market will receive models with capacity from 512 GB to 2 TB, but their prices have not yet been reported.

Source: techpowerup

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