Apple plans to release 3 Macs with their own processors inside

According to Bloomberg, before the end of this year, Apple intends to release at least three Mac computers that will use processors of its own design. While it is not specified, for the fulfillment of which tasks it is planned to use these chips. According to available data, such processors will be integrated into two updated laptops and one desktop computer.

Apple has long been developing its own chips, which are used in its smartphones, tablets, and portable devices. But recently it also began to integrate such processors into Mac computers as well. So, in 2016, a laptop MacBook Pro was introduced with an additional Touch Bar, for which the same chip was used. Then an additional chip appeared on the computer iMac Pro, which is responsible for the operation of the camera, audio and encryption.

Using your own components in computers will provide certain advantages for Apple. Now it will be less dependent on other companies, which may be slow in implementing improvements. Also, the use of own chips will provide deeper hardware and software integration. It is also possible that in the future Apple may start using its own chips as the central processor of its computers. Although this step is unlikely to be expected in the near future.

Source: The Verge

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