AMD second-generation AMD processors will receive up to 32 cores

The nuclear race has begun. Last year, the number of computing cores in desktop processors exceeded a dozen. First, AMD released Threadripper chips containing up to 16 cores, and then Intel introduced a series of Core i9 devices that included 10 to 18 cores.

This year, the competitors again took the path of increasing the number of computing cores and were already aiming for the line in 30 computing cores. Only yesterday it became known about Intel's intention to release a 28-core processor, and today AMD answers this challenge with a chip with even more cores.

As part of the Computex 2018 exhibition, AMD said its second-generation Threadripper processors will receive up to 32 computing cores and will be able to process up to 64 instruction flows simultaneously. The new desktop flagship processor will be introduced in the third quarter of this year. It is based on the updated Zen + architecture and will be manufactured according to the standards of the 12-nanometer process.

Source: Engadget

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