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        產品Name: VS-600DL
        產品類別: Vertical Vacuum Packing Machine
        Published: 2017-04-05 10:42:25

        External pumping vacuuming (filling) packaging machine


        Range of application 

        Vertical vacuum packaging machine is suitable for large products packaging, unfavorable for inverted products packaging, such as rice, plastic, metal molds, vegetables, fruits and agricultural products, oil and other vacuum packaging. This model is used for the bag standing seal form, together packing with the product packaging (such as: barrels, boxes) posited directly in the bag to be packed.

        Applicable to vacuum packages for seafood, fruits, tea, pickled products, bean products and so on to prevent oxidative deterioration in order to extend the quality guarantee period, or to retain the freshness and the flavor by filling nitrogen, CO2, or other gases, and to prevent from crash.

        Product configuration 

        Control part: the companys self-developed microcomputer DC controller is applied, which is accurate in controlling, powerful in anti-interference and stable in performance. Also all the functions can be set on the control panel without the help of any other components.   

        Electrical part: famous domestic brand switches and Nanjing Shuangke indicator lamps are used, and contactless solid state relay control of DC 24V is adopted in order to avoid the generation of sparkles and oxygen in contacts, thus the working life of the machine is extended greatly.

        Pneumatic part: Xinchen pneumatic components are used to drive the air faucet and sealing to finish the function of vacuum sealing.  

        Machine body part:the shell is stainless steel which is comparatively strong in anti-corrosion, the working stand is stainless, the height of which can be adjusted according to different package sizes and the bottom of which is equipped with silent castors with brakes to be moved freely.

        Function choice 

        Working mode: various modes of vacuuming packaging, gas packaging, sealing and so on can be chosen individually according to the package needs thus some componentsabrasion can be decreased and the working life of the machine can be extended.  

        Manual/Automatic mode:  

        Automatic 2-stepping: Technological parameters the package needs input in advance, the first steeping is to make sure whether the product is inside the packaging bag and whether the opening is smooth. The second stepping is to finish automatically the whole packaging according to the program. Thus, packaging speed is doubled.       

        Manual 3-stepping: the first stepping is to make sure whether the product is inside the packaging bag and whether the opening is smooth. The second steeping is to start vacuumizing. After vacuum degree meets the standard by visual inspection, the third steeping is to start executing the program to finish the whole packaging process automatically.  

        Double protection 

        This machine adopts automatic alarm system which will automatically set out an alarm when malfunctions occur during starting up, shutting down and in using, in order to avoid the secondary damage for the components and increase greatly the working life of the whole machine.  


        Technological parameters


        Machine model


        Packaging capability (package/minute )


        Maximum sealing size (mm)


        Maximum packaging size (mm)


        Overall dimension (mm)


        Supply voltage (V)

        220V 50Hz-60Hz

        Total power (Kw/h)


        Final vacuum (KPa)


        Net weight (Kg)






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