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        The core of the packaging industry - packaging mac

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        In order to meet the needs of competition, vacuum packaging products replacement cycle is shorter and shorter.But China's packaging machinery manufacturing precision is not high, the design is not beautiful, affecting the market competitiveness.Currently, China has a certain advantage of the packaging products there corrugated packaging machinery and some small packing machine, but the market demand for large sets of packaging production line almost the size of fragmentation and packaging machinery plays an important role in China's packaging market.
        Over the years, packaging machinery for the development of China's packaging industry has been playing an important role in providing important technical support for the packaging industry, while also stimulating the development of packaging industry. With the exchange of packaging industry development and international packaging industry And the deepening of cooperation, China's packaging machinery will also move towards the path of globalization. Packaging machinery development decision packaging industry's way out of the remarks are also more and more packaging industry .10 years ago, also very backward China's packaging machinery Rely on a large number of imported packaging machinery continue to imitate imitation of foreign products, in the absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of continuous innovation, and now has formed a complete industry system, packaging technology continues to improve, to meet the domestic demand, but also a lot of packaging Machinery company achieved export Shenzhen City Jin Chun Machinery Co., Ltd. production outside pumping vacuum packing machine, desktop outside pumping vacuum packing machine, IC vacuum packing machines, desktop vacuum packing machine, sealing machine, vertical outside pumping vacuum packing machines and other equipment on a low price have been exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. of course, with The development of packaging machinery abroad, there is still a big gap in China. China's packaging industry is facing great opportunities for development, packaging machinery will also have a larger development.

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