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      1.  Hello, welcome to the official website of the company, we will be happy to serve you!
        Shenzhen JinZhenDa Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
        Shenzhen JinZhenDa Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.



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        Shenzhen JinZhenda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

        Tel: 86-189 2997 0480
        QQ: 1003163200
        Website: www.blogschu.com
        Integrity through: szjzd888

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        Jinzhenda Machinery Integrity Declaration

        We Jinzhenda mechanical integrity is in the "revitalization of national industry, climbing the world peak," the main theme came into being, after more than 30 years of accumulation, in the long development of healthy growth. Honesty is the requirement of Jinzhenda Machinery to serve the society under the conditions of socialist market economy and the basis for safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers. Integrity of the implication of the contract and credit is the basis of the rules of the game market, but also our Jinzhenda machinery survival and development of the starting point and destination. There is no credit there is no market, there is no credit will not have Jinzhenda of the sustainable development of machinery. Integrity of the enterprise can win employees, the integrity of the staff can win customers, integrity will cultivate our Jinzhenda mechanical staff loyalty, improve business visibility, market reputation and social satisfaction. Honesty makes us Jinzhenda Machinery assume the mission and responsibility given.

        We advocate the integrity of the purpose is: "the revitalization of national industry, climb the world peak."
        We fulfill the spirit of integrity is: "unity, dedication, truth-seeking, hard work."
        We advocate the idea of integrity is: "quality - the life of the enterprise; talent - the development of the enterprise; innovation - the vitality of the enterprise; management - the effectiveness of the enterprise.

        We integrity services, abide by the "three adhere to the three commitments":
        "Adhere to the scientific and technological plant, quality-oriented, and strengthen all-round services; adhere to the washing equipment constantly updated, determined to catch up with the world's advanced level; adhere to the Chinese market order by the user can accept the product price.
        "Where users come to Kam as the purchase of products, are responsible for the shuttle, to be happy from the satisfaction and return; where the user to Kam as the purchase of products, all of the old discounts can be renewed; where users to buy products, the Group Responsible for mechanical operation training, one year warranty.

        Jinzhenda machinery continue to go beyond and development, and from all walks of life care and support are inseparable, on the occasion of the Declaration of Honesty, together to express my heartfelt thanks!

        Shenzhen Jin Zhen Da Machinery Co. Ltd. all rights reserved. Copyright 2017
        * the pictures, texts and other materials involved in this website are all owned by Shenzhen Jin Da Da Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd., and shall not be reproduced without permission

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